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7 Things To Equip Your Online Business With During Emergency

It’s blackout today due to typhoon and I thought about writing these 7 things to equip your online business with during emergency such as unscheduled blackouts, typhoon, etc.

Let me give you some insights and hopefully, you’ll learn a trick or two.

1. The first thing that I prepared for is to hire another VA that will become my partner in building the business. I thought of that because I know I can’t do it alone and I will be needing someone’s help to back me up in times like this. Somebody trained enough to take over when I can’t work for any other reason such as blackouts, calamities, health issues or simply to give room for my vacation.

2. After securing the “human resource” part, you also need to ensure that your equipments won’t let you down. Prepare to back them up. If you’re using a desktop PC and needs to go somewhere else and work on the road, you might want to invest in a laptop. 

If you have two equipments and one shuts down due to technical issues, you still have another to save your day.

Remember that laptops normally produce heat. You might want to check on laptop coolers, too! Though it’s not necessary since you can use a portable fan to cool it when needed, still something worth checking. If you have more budget, MAC doesn’t produce that much heat, though. 

3. Now, when you go out more often, depending on your chosen niche, you might need to check your emails on the go or perhaps your social media. Of course, this would depend on your business needs but if you see that you need to, get a smartphone with internet subscription that has all the features your business needs. This will also be your broadband back up in case your provider can’t deliver a promise of uninterrupted service. It may not be of the same speed but it will save your a lot of headache, for sure.

4. Mobile devices’ batteries get drained very fast when you’re using 3G so it’s also advisable to carry a power bank whenever you go to ensure that you won’t miss an important email even you’re not at home. Besides, using its free call apps will also save you much, right?

5. Think I’m done with the list? Not yet. Don’t forget to backup your and clients’ files. I learned this the hard way, my PC broke and all files were pufffff! All pictures and memories are gone! Good thing about me is that I often use DropBox and GoogleDrive in my business documents so most of my files were safe, just not as organized as that in my PC so I still got some retrieving and fixing to do. Not enough to damage client relation and business. 

6. A UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply allows you to save your files and/or finish your work for 5-10 extra more minutes while ensuring that your motherboard is safe. 

7. This last thing is the only one I don’t have yet and been eyeing on buying one. A portable generator! Depending in your area and blackout history, this is something you may want to consider. As for me, I really am.

Are you starting to compute now? Just pick what you need most and budget for that. One gadget/device at a time will get you there for sure. Slow and steady. Just like what I always say, keep going and don’t stop.

For now, let me enjoy my stay in this hotel, to keep the business going. 🙂

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