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Business Planning Essentials for Online Entrepreneurs

I’ve been implementing marketing strategies as planned for the year 2019 I wanted to share a couple of tips for you, too. Business Planning essentials for online entrepreneurs is what I call it but any traditional business can benefit from it, too. 

First, let’s answer the WHY.

Why do we need to create a plan for the whole year?

Planning is very essential in every thing that we do. A simple party may flop without it or even a family vacation. There’s so many things that needs to be considered like the clothes to wear, the vehicle, place to stay, food to eat and the activities to be done and so much more that if you don’t plan can ruin the entire event. If planning is so important for simple things, how much more for a business you’ve invested your time, skills and money for?

Second, what comprises a business plan?

A business plan can be as complex as the ones you present in the bank for loan application complete with Feasibility Studies, Marketing Plan, Competitors’ Analysis, SWOT and many more. Or you can simply start with a Marketing Plan and work your way from there, adding things you think are vital for your business.

Here are some examples of the things you may include in planning your next year’s operation.

1. Social Media Management
2. Blogging
3. Website updates and/or upgrades
4. SEO
5. Online events
6. Offline events
7. Courses and coaching classes to take
8. Networking activities
9. Budget
10. Income and Client Targets

There are many more things that you may want to add in your business planning depending on your Niche, Ideal Client and your business model. These are some that I personally have in my 2015 plan including of course other personal preferences.

This is your business so don’t be afraid to add anything you want to do. What’s important is that after the planning, you have to make sure that you will do them as they are written or you’ll be putting days of work to waste. This is where most business owners fail. In implementing the plans because nobody would be there to check where they are in their plans.

Three, as soon as the plan has been placed, find your team, get on the road to success and start doing it! I guess I need NOT explain that one, right? Care to share your plans for next year?

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